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Customer Retention

"If you donít take care of your customer someone else will"

Why does your customer choose to do business with you? What are you doing differently, when the product you sell is the same or the difference is too small for mention? How do you stand out? What are you doing to keep your customer? If you have answered all these questions and still canít seem to break into the black then let Business Consulting Council, partner with you. We will customize a retention program that keeps your customers through market research and customer feedback. Our CRS (Customer Retention Specialist) will work with you to understand your industry and research your customerís trends and buying patterns. Business Consulting Council offers real solutions with real results.

Campaign Management

Each client will be assigned a campaign manager who communicates with the client then researches and analyzes the client's business and industry. Through a specific customized needs analysis the campaign manager implements a plan of action while working in conjunction with the creative team in designing the creative identity of the business.

SEO Marketing

Department to be lead under the direction of an SEO / SEM / Marketing Manager. Responsible for the optimization, placement, and use of internet marketing strategies for any and all campaigns.

The continued search for new marketing technologies, strategies, and protocols in the interest of staying at the forefront of this ever evolving industry.