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Business Consulting Council will always deliver an unparalleled standard of service that is consistent and unique, superior and innovative, results–oriented and relative to each specific partner’s needs and market demand. Our dedicated team members and partners are our most invaluable assets; we always seek to empower and promote with passion a community of interdependence and oneness.


The guiding principles of CWC Consulting are:

(1) Act as a business and legal advisor to the organizations we service.

(2) Advance the education of both the organizations we service as well as their staff members, constituents, beneficiaries, and their own clients.

(3) Assist the organizations we service in the advancement of scientific research and development.

(4) Only service organizations that are in need and can be benefitted by CWC Consulting's services and never offer its services to organizations that cannot be benefitted.

(5) Offer services on a pro bono (grant) basis to organizations that are the neediest and cannot otherwise afford CWC Consulting's services.

(6) Only offer advice in areas and fields our consultants, advisors, and attorneys are experts in.

(7) Donate a majority of the profits received to other nonprofits in South Florida.

(8) Only hire consultants who have demonstrated significant contributions and volunteer work to their own communities. If a prospective staff member does not have a significant volunteer experience, then allow that individual to volunteer until he/she would be eligible to be hired.

(9) Give hiring preference to candidates who have either been raised or attended University in Florida.

(10) Provide only customized proposals to organizations and never quote generic boilerplate pricing.