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Permissive Based Advertising and Targeting Marketing for Maximum Gain

With consumers saturated with news stories about intrusive spam e-mail, the negative impact of unsolicited advertising. Living in a world where people are continuing to lose their patience with what isnít relevant to their needs; businesses must adapt their strategies to reach only those that genuinely want their product. Itís not only about income. It costs businesses money for every advertisement they mail, or e-mail out. Businesses, just like consumers, do not have time to waste advertising to consumers who will have no interest in their product.

Permissive Advertising, or opt-in advertising, is a strategy where a potential consumer gives his or her permission to receive advertising from a particular company. Usually done by a consumer at a time of purchase or inquiry the business now can send advertising about their products to a lead who has already expressed interest. The advertising is relevant to the receiver, making them more likely to buy. By targeting their marketing to only those who want their products, businesses can maximize their advertising dollars for maximum gain.

By: Flory Frank Toto IV