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Business Health: Continuing to Advertise During a Recession

Advertising is an essential part to the health of any business. Advertising and marketing are what links your business with the consumer base. Despite this the first course of action most business owners take when faced with economic hardship is to cut down their advertising budget. This can have disastrous results and lead to a quickly inward spiral. The less marketing a business produces, the fewer customers will come, and the less customers that come will lead to less money which prompts further trimming of the business’s budget.

How then are businesses supposed to continue when they have to conserve their funds, but they cannot cut from their marketing? The key is not to eliminate advertising but to restructure it. Investing in good marketing is the lifeblood of any business. A quality website, permissive based advertising and targeted marketing are all tools that a business owner can use to ensure their marketing dollars are giving the maximum amount of return. During the great depression Coca-Cola™ continued to spend money on marketing while Pepsi-Cola™ did not. During World War II Coca-Cola™ sent bottles of soda to the front lines for soldiers. Their marketing presence has been so successful that most people when asking for any cola product ask for Coke. Businesses cannot afford to ignore spending on marketing during a recession, but must focus that spending for optimum gain.

By: Flory Frank Toto IV