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The Process: (OUR MISSION)

To consistently provide an unparalleled level of excellence in customer service, while infusing holistic indigenous marketing solutions and nurturing authentic business partnerships.


The Overall Mission of CWC Consulting


It is the charitable mission of CWC Consulting to empower organizations with a focus on community based organizations and Benefit corporations in order to enable those organizations to reach sustainability and in turn form symbiotic relationships with their communities in utilization of local resources and transform those constituents to beneficiaries of the organizations.

BCC Companies


Search Optimization Company was formed by the original technologists who coined the term SEO and Clinton Cimring who invented SEO 2.0 and is the co-founder of Baidu.


Social Media Firms is an all-incluvise digital marketing and design service for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


$99 website design is designed to offer a basic website to start-ups and businesses that may not yet appreciate the value of a website.


SEO White Label was also started by the founders of SEO and is designed to be a whoelsale reseller of optimization services to other retail SEO companies.