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Holistic Business Consulting

“Your health is your wealth”

Oneness of humanity…

Paradigm shift / new economic order…

Living your passion and having fun.

Through an un-canning and unique partnership with Personal Development Coaches, Life Gurus, Therapists, Psychologists, and Sociologists we bring you the tools to sharpen your professional and personal, mental and emotional faculties.

Seminars are available for local and national development coaching for individuals and groups from business owners to various levels of management.

Personal Wellness consultations are available with a nutritionist.

Are you having fun yet?

"What do most Nobel Laureates, innovative entrepreneurs, artists, performers; well-adjusted children, happy couples and families, and the most successfully adapted mammals have in common? They play enthusiastically throughout their lives. --- What common denominator is shared by mass murderers, abused children, burnt-out employees, depressed mothers, caged animals, and chronically worried students? Play is rarely or never a part of their lives." -- Stuart Brown, Institute of Play

As a business professional understanding how productivity is affected from good or bad mental and physical health is critical.

The challenge for most business or healthcare professionals is how to boost productivity at work, while balancing life at home. Managing Your Mind is the solution.

Through seminars, individual coaching, and educational products, you can enhance your critical thinking skills, such as memory, attention, organization, problem solving, goal setting, time management, reading, and more. Our programs are based on in-depth behavioral research in learning and performance; customized for unique learning styles, and comprise proven, immediately applicable strategies. - © 2007 Managing Your Mind