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The Number One Challenge For A Business
Is To Stay In Business!

Business Consulting Council (now part of CWC Consulting) offers Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) a multitude of business development services. In today’s ever-changing business arena a business must be in tune with the latest technologies and resources that are available. The purpose of this website is to help, educate and serve as a resource for today’s SMEs.

Individuals have doctors, automobiles have mechanics and today’s small to medium sized enterprises have Business Consulting Council. At BCC we have a plethora of diverse resourceful professionals from all corners of business that have the innate ability to analyze and give plausible solutions to various business challenges - Brand Development, Public Relations, Viral Marketing, Strategic Planning, Market Analysis, Holistic Business Consulting and Management Development are just a few of the areas that BCC can assist your organization.

Business Consulting Council represents a partnership, a win-win, a success that earns the full confidence of all engaged in the awesome process.

We encourage you to browse through this site and bookmark it as we are constantly updating it with pertinent data that will be helpful in gauging whether your business is on the right track to success!

BCC Companies


Search Optimization Company was formed by the original technologists who coined the term SEO and Clinton Cimring who invented SEO 2.0 and is the co-founder of Baidu.


Social Media Firms is an all-incluvise digital marketing and design service for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


$99 website design is designed to offer a basic website to start-ups and businesses that may not yet appreciate the value of a website.


SEO White Label was also started by the founders of SEO and is designed to be a whoelsale reseller of optimization services to other retail SEO companies.